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* Menu Changes Daily *

Thank you for your constant support during our past year. We will no longer be posting a TAKEAWAY menu online. If you would like to order please email via the website and we can send you our current menu.

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* Menu changes Daily *


Organic Wheat Berry Bouillon

Aromatic vegetables and tenderloin of pork

Cream of Vegetable

Thai coconut and nam pla

Brasserie Salad

Organic greens, Belgian endive, radicchio, English cucumber, tomato and apple

Mushroom Ragu

Porcini, morel, Oyster, crimini and beech in a Madeira and tarragon cream

Swedish Meatballs

Soured cream fresh dill from our gardens and lingonberries


Sampler Puttanesca

Grilled swordfish and albacore tuna under olives, capers, garlic and peppers

Rican Corvina

Sautéed under an almond meuniere

Beef Tenderloin

Grilled under a bouquet of mushrooms

Beef Coulotte

Pan roasted with an green peppercorn, brandy and mustard

Caribbean Braised Rabbit

Coconut, ginger and Scotch bonnet peppers

From The Smoke House

Brown sugar Wisconsin raised spare ribs and sliced Kassler Ripchen

Rohan Duck Breast

Heritage French breed duck oven rendered with green peppercorns and garlic

Veal Rib Chop

Pan roasted with dry Italian Marsala, lemon and cream


Blueberry & Garden Rhubarb

Baked with English treacle

Chocolate Summer

Iced bombe, chocolate tuile and meringue

Imported and Domestic Cheese Ensemble

Port Salut, Vermillion Blue & 15 year Wisconsin Cheddar

House Spun Sorbets & Custard

Strawberry, Blueberry-Star, Persimmon, Peach-Kombucha, Cantaloupe & Vanilla